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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Late-comer to the Downton Abby Party

I recently started watching Downton Abby on Amazon Prime. I'd "splurged" on the free 30 day trial in order to get a ridiculously expensive bag delivered in a timely manner for free, and then I got sucked in by the wonder that is early 20th century England.

I could watch historical dramas for days on end, as evidenced by my previous streaming-video bindges, which have included The Tudors, Reign, Marco Polo, and the mini-series The White Queen and Pillars of the Earth. (The Ken Follett novel was better, but the series was good nonetheless.) If it wasn't for the inconveniences that are my small children, work, the never ending pile of dishes, and attempting to spend time with my husband, I would just let myself be sucked into the rabbit hole of the recreated past, embroidery circle in hand.

Now, I have yet another reason to avoid housework and let Boy One watch Scooby Doo on Netflix while Boy Two wreaks havoc on the doors and furnature.

I just began watching season 2, and I'm starting to confirm the instincts I have about which characters I really love and which characters I really love-to-hate. Thankfully, I have an informed friend who indulges me by answering my character questions and confirming my suspicions via text message as they develop, approximately two years too late. Thank you, Karen. You rock my belated world.

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