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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Baby Envy, Attempt #2

This aquantince of mine mentioned in my previous post spoke longingly about having a baby sometime around when I had my oldest more than five years ago. That she had to yearn and pine for her pregnancy makes me ache, especially because my husband basically only had to look at me sideways to get me knocked-up. I have been truly blessed (and very lucky) to have only become pregnant when I wanted to be, and on both of those ocations, I got pregnant right away.

The struggle of women who are not as easily satisfied in their family planning as I was leave me longing. While I realize there is no need for me to fall on my sword for my reproductive success, I can imagine the agony and daily stress the longing for a child could bring to an adult life or an adult relationship, and I am sorry that this pain has to exisit in the world. I am sorry that people who want to have children are sometimes unable to do so, and that others only find success at the end of many cycles of tremendously expensive treatments and medications. Money paid to chase hope can be a painful payment indeed.

So, to the moms-to-be who stuggled to get pregnant, I honor your struggle and commend your success, and to those who have tried (and tried and tried and tried) and failed, my heart goes out to you, and I pray that you may find the love and fulfillment you deserve in this world. May it be so.

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