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Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Want to Watch Scandal Now

Here is a (short) list of things that have conspired to get between me and the fourth season of Scandal that was just released on Netflix:

1. Boy 1 wants to show me the 6,000 items he wants to buy from his Lego catalog.

2. Someone upstairs appears to be installing a new mini-bar on their porch.

3. Boy 2 wants to have ear plugs repeatedly placed in his ears becuase B1 has them and is yelling at himself all around the apartment.

4. B1 is yelling at himself all around the apartment.

5. The cat has decided she is too good for her litter box. (She is clearly over apartment living, but until she gets a job that pays at least $30,000 a year or gets a degree in Early Childhood Education, she better get with the program.)

6. "Mommy.... Mommy.... MOMMY!"

7. The hubs managed to sneak out to go to the store. Why is it again that I never leave the children with him while I go to the store? That problem needs immediate attention.

Ray: "B1, what are you doing in there?"
B1: "Noth-ing...."

B2: "Why on the wide, green Earth would I drink from a cup when I can nurse? YOU are the one who needs to get with the program, Mother."

I need a nanny, a maid, and possibly a wet-nurse.

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