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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Victims of Anger

Angry people do angry things.
They throw papers off of the table,
Scatter dinner across the floor,
And refuse to brush their teeth,
Unconcerned by the consiquences.

The older one sings a song
Despite requests for quiet.
He repeats, louder each time,
Disrupting the ever-shrinking peace.

The small one cries.
Not the cry of the sad, but the cry of the angry.
Angry that he is small; angry that he cannot speak,
And his anger seethes out, staining the hopeful darkness of the night.

No one rests.
No one sleeps.

Everyone lives in the angry, vengeful rage.

And yet, we still dream of sleep...
Peaceful, restorative sleep.

Perhaps, one day, it will come,
As easily as the sunset,
As quiet as the moon.

Until then, we suffer,
Victims of our own choices.
Victims of the children we were born to love.


  1. Oh Raychel. My heart goes out to you. This will pass. They will grow.

  2. Oh Raychel. I remember people telling me that I would miss the problems of having a 2/3/4 year old when she was older and we found what was in store. Fah! We are having a tough time now - age 10 and a new diagnosis seems to pop up every few months - but NOTHING has been as tough as those early years. So - I've been there. It gets better. My advice is make any accommodation you have to to get everyone sleep. There's nothing more important.
    Perfect, perfect, perfect poem.


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