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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Five-Year-Old Composes Poetry and Describes the Solar System

Me: How big do you think the universe is?
B1: Googol feet wide! And it will take a billion years to get off of the world from walking.
Me: How do you get off of the world by walking?
B1: Is google going to tell us?
Me: You want me to ask google?
B1: Yes. Are you asking it?
Me: No. But did you know googol the number and Google that we ask questions are different things?
B1: Yup.
Me: How did you know they are different?
B1: I don't know. I just know.
Me: What else do you just know?
B1: I know all about the whole world.
Me: What do you know about the whole world?
B1: That the Earth spins around the sun.
Me: What else do you know about the Earth?
B1: That the moon shines bright/At the night/And shines down on the houses.
Me: Is that a poem?
B1: Yes, I think so.
Me: Nicely done, dude. You're a poet.
B1: A poet?
Me: A poet.
B1: Oh, the sun shines down, the sun shines down, the sun shines down on the Earth...

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  1. How adorable! Someday I'll write a book of all the things my daughter says. :-)

    Bethany @ Online Therapy and Coaching


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