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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bigger than life

There are moments in the world that are bigger than life. Moments where all that is or has been stand before us to be judged, judged as worthy or unworthy. And it is at these moments that we need to be our best, these moments that we need to stand tall and represent the best that is of ourselves and the best that is of humanity. It is during these moments that our weaknesses need to fall behind us and our strengths need to stand beside us as we stand judgement over ourselves and those around us. And despite our best efforts, these judgements are merely comments, comments on the actions of others and of the steadfastness of ourselves to the truth. May we all find the greatest strength within us. May the strength of the greatest among us be the strength of us all. May the best be available to us all. May we all rest in peace, for all time.