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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Building Community with a Non-binding Vote

As my little blog has now earned its first pennies, I thought it time to spend more than 3,000% of my earnings on business cards while simultaneously keeping my day job.
However, here is where you, dear reader, can contribute and show your love for my continued reflections and rantings. Here, you can take a moment of your precious life to vote on which style of card from the "Elegent" list on Vistaprint best embodies the style, mood, and tone of my illustrious blog. 
Yes, I know what you're thinking. How could one tiny rectangle of heavyweight cardstock possibly do justice to all that my blog contains? Well, obviously, or at least hopefully, it can't, but at least you can have some input as to which example does the least crappy job.
I will take all votes into consideration, then do whatever I want to do anyway. Artists and writers are fickle and capricious like that.
And with all seriousness, thank you for reading my blog. It brings me great joy to know that the articulation of my crazy, privileged life makes you, and others like you, feel something beautiful.
Now go out and vote in the comments!
1. Grey and kind of Celtic
2. Sun burst with gray rays
3. Light blue with plant
4. Dark teal with leaves and flowers
5. Blue fade with plant and flowers
6. White with gold spirals
7. Light blue with white explosion, kind of looks like a wedding planner
8. White with green branches


  1. B1 voted for number 1, the grey Celtic-looking one.

  2. I'm voting for number 5. Some of them (like 2 and 6) are too light, Others too fussy. 8 is good but the branches are too stark. 5 is dark enough to be taken seriously but not too dark and the flowers give it life. How's that for a vote!

  3. If I have to pick from the selections then 8. None of the choices relate to your blog. Ideally, I ought to glance at your card and have a direct graphic connection to your main theme (s). For example, a blogger friend's card has autumn leaves as a play on her name, Autumn. A knitting blogger has her name and blog title.written in yarn. These are kind of easy low hanging fruit. You blog contents and title are fairly complex. But as an example, the first thing I thought of is a pictorial representation of a kid in spring changing into a man in late fall as you look at the card from left to right. Relevant printed info on the back. There's a better easier way to represent your journey from young woman into mother and the development of your sons. I wish I was better at explaining this but I know I definitely want to see what your blog is about when I look at your card.

  4. My personal preference is for #8, BUT from what I have read of your blog thus far I would pick #5 for you. It looks open-minded and exploratory with a dash of uncertainty.


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