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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Follow My Blog Contest

Dear Readers,

It appears that I have not one single person officially "following" my lovely blog, into which I pour my tortured soul and excessively long sentences on a daily basis. To rectify this situation, I have decided to hold a drawing. For every ten followers I accrue in the month of June, I will select one follower at random to receive an adorable crocheted toy. How does one qualify for this AMAZING opportunity? Simply scroll to the bottom of this very page and fill out all of the lovely white boxes with your information, including a message (about how much you enjoy reading my amusing and occasionally poignant blog and) letting me know you would like to be entered in the contest. Sounds easy, right? It is easy!

Scroll down to find the boxes that look like these to bring me joy and enter the contest.


  1. Raychel: your unique, authentic style of writing is refreshing in the whirlwind we call parenthood! Everyone can relate from the "veteran" who has "been there done that". To the novice who is currently in the middle of the mess and turmoil of raising "little people". Keep up the good Work!

  2. Raychel, Thank you! Thanks for morphing your ever enjoyable facebook posts into a blog. It's a delight reading you. As people come upon your blog they are going to have such a great time mining your old posts! Keep it up.


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