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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some Days are Better Than Others

Today was a good day.

I got to go to work early, nothing exploded, and I left before 4:30. Both boys were fed before either one managed to go to pieces, and I got to ride my bike, which is more exciting than it sounds.

My small people and I rode to the park, where I ran into a woman who used to attend a yoga class I frequent and who was the recipient of an extra car seat I had sitting around taking up precious real estate in my seemingly tiny apartment. She has a daughter not much younger than my second son, and together we talked as our children played together.

We chatted about having small children, about her job, about my recommendations for starting children to school early or holding them back. We laughed as our small people demonstrated their mastery, or lack thereof, in throwing a frisbee. We had forgotten each other's names, and we were both too embarrassed to ask, but together, nameless, we enjoyed motherhood and the park with our chilpdren.

Upon coming home, I found abundant food to offer my small people and electricity to keep it cold and make it warm again. Tears were kept at a minimum, and everyone ended up brushing their teeth.

Now, after the screentime and the p.j.s and the story and the hugs, we all drift off to sleep, a home full of blue eyes, with my green ones watching silently over them all.

May there be many more such days to come.

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