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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bedtime is Terrible

Bedtime is at 7:00.

(And unicorns are real and M&Ms have more vitamins than kale.)

It is now 8:27. We have officially been getting ready for bed for more than an hour and a half. One boy is sleeping. One boy is throwing blankets off of the top bunk. One mommy is silently gripping her sanity, holding on for dear life.

Can someone please tell me that this will eventually get better?

After screen time was over, Boy One threw a fit to end all fits because he wanted to watch another episode of Rescue Bots.

After smearing blueberry yogurt basically everywhere, Boy Two demanded more food, none of which he was willing to eat in his high chair.

After working for close to ten hours, I wanted to drink some wine and watch an episode of The Good Wife.

Obviously, my expectations for life are far too high.

Now, at 8:35, both boys are finally asleep.

I am physically and mentally exhausted.

And tomorrow will not be any better.


  1. Hang in there! My kids like to chat in bed (but, of course, still wake up bright and early). I guess now that they're older, they can actually entertain themselves without calling for me--sometimes.

  2. This gets better!

    I don't have children, I have cats, Which is more like having nocturnal toddler ninjas. I suspect those with children can give you better advice than I

    Is there any way you can start them earlier and make sure they are always winding down? Like maybe Rescue Bots is too exciting and attractive so some other activity just before bed. If the high chair is refused could the before bedtime food be eaten somewhere else easy to clean, like an old washable blanket on the floor? Why is there food before bed - doesn't digesting food keep people awake?(Not sure that's true.)

    Where is Daddy during this process? Why isn't he part of putting Boys to bed?

    Lastly, perhaps Mommy should have a little wine before starting this ordeal? Just to take the edge off. ;)


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