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Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation is Where You Go To Die

Apparently vacations are where you go to die. I am tired, very tired, after spending almost a month organizing, packing, and mentally preparing myself for going away from my home for most of a week. Now, at my destination, I am surrounded by well-meaning, yet somewhat unfamiliar, extended relatives, relatives who leave my children confused and feeling uneasy, despite my repeated reminders that we are related to them, that they are good people. But at 18 months, a stranger is still a stranger. I wish my sister-in-law was not seen as a stranger.

Away from home, every door in our living space is at the mercy of B1's game of open and close, open and close, open and, hopefully, not close on anyone's fingers. There have been no reported damages (as of yet). Get back to me tomorrow to see if our lucky streak continues.

There is no escape from the constant barrage of questions, tears, and request that come along with a life spent side by side small children. They are beautiful; they are terrible. So, in the face of this terrible idea, may we survive the first day after departure, may we find something good and substantial in spending time away.

May the befits of the destination outweigh the difficulty of the arrival.


  1. It sounds like you need a few hours vacation from everyone, even those you love so dearly. There are an amazing amount of massage therapists for a place that is less than 3 sq. miles. Perhaps with Husband's assistance, you could arrange to meet (alone) with one of these fine people? Or even just a pedicure sitting in a massage chair? Catalina Hair & Nails in the Metropole has them, see my friend Leah, she has survived (so far) 2 children and you can tell her ANYTHING.

  2. Yikes. Hope your vacation gets to feel like more of a break soon.


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