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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Boy One "Gets" His Mommy

A passing conversation in the hall at school went something like the dialouge as follows.

School Professional: I was over in the preschool today and I got to spy on [Boy One] a little.

Me: I hope you didn't see anything wrong with him that I don't already know about.

SP: No, no. It was really interesting. He seems to be the only one who really "gets" [a little girl from his class].

Me: Yes, he really likes her. He talks about her all the time. Is there something different about her? Why did you notice that he "gets" her?

SP: No, no, not like that. She is just completely no-nonsense, time to get down to business. [Boy One] seems to really get that.

Me: You have met his mother, right?

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