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Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Day in Review

I got home from my lovely vacation Friday afternoon and slept in my own bed that night for the first time in almost a week, only to be woken up on Saturday morning by the fact that July is almost over and I have accomplished less than one percent of the tasks I had planned for the summer. (Insert expletive of your choice here.) What on earth have I been doing for the last two months?  (Spending time with my children, packing, and cleaning my apartment are not legitimate answers.) Time to get with the program.

My frantic attempt to accomplish tasks is pretty much my husband's worst nightmare. While I endeavor to clean, vacuum, reorganize, wash, and de-own, he longs for two uninterrupted days of sleep and playing Xbox. I feel you, my lovely spouse, but this weekend, things will probably go better for everyone if you stay the (reuse expletive from above) out of my way.

I started with beans: almost six cups of Sprout's dehydrated pinto beans. On Friday, I made the mistake of reading my suggested posts on Pinterest, and thus came across a blog,  "100 Days of Real Food,"  written by woman who basically swears that homemade refried beans are approximately ten-thousand times better than any beans from a can. So, in my obviously underutilized time, I spent 20 hours soaking and cooking beans. Yes, they were delicious. Amazing, in fact. However, I think my time would have been better spent if I had shelled out a few extra bucks, called Super Mex, and ordered their delicious pinto beans instead. The dishes alone were more than I wanted to bear.

However, somehow, without causing my own death or serious injury to anyone around me, as I wrestled with my pintos, I also managed to...

- post several children's items to sell online.

- instruct my husband as to how to make me a cup of coffee, only to have him fail, completely, twice. Points were awarded for effort.

- spend 30 minutes attempting to fix the coffee machine (see above)

- receive a message from the site where I was trying to sell my old baby stuff reporting that Bumbo chairs have been recalled and can no longer be sold without a "repair kit."

- Google how to get two of these "repair kits" and find out that Target will take the ridiculous seats back for store credit. (Boo-ya.)

- drag both of the boys to Target and unload them into my new ridiculous wagon.

-  drag said boys and wagon through the parking lot, the customer service line, and the epic battle the service professional had on the phone before refunding me the full purchase price for each of my ridiculous chairs.

- fill my wagon with stuff and watch helplessly as my children ate the food almost as quickly as I could pile it up.

- hold myself together as B1 spent almost 35 minutes selecting the Legos he wanted to buy with his allowance.

- have a lengthy discussion with a woman I meet waiting for the elevator who said I was a genius for carting my people around in my ridiculous wagon.

- contemplate the idea that I should get a percent of the purchase price if she, or anyone else, should buy a wagon at my recommendation.

- pay for and pack away all of our food in the car. 

- successfully transfer the sleeping B2  to my wonder wagon after he fell asleep in the car on the drive home.

- go upstairs, let B1 put together his Legos, eat a bagel sandwich, remind myself that avocados are awesome, and allow B1 to cash in some of his stars to watch a show on the tablet.

- make a successful call to get a discount on the copay of one of the half dozen medications my family uses on a daily basis. 

- make a failed call to Samsung to have my stylus, aka "the S-pen" and broken charger replaced because the person with whom I spoke transferred me to a department which is closed on Saturday. (Feel free to repeat that chosen expletive again here.)

- take the boys to the Hawaiian luau offered by my apartment complex as a resident appreciation event, during which I survived a very loud showing of the movie Lilo and Stitch.

- fight with my husband about my near constant desire to discuss finances at every opportunity. (He would prefer I find other topics of discussion.)

- bring everyone home alive, with their assorted balloons, leis, and plastic beach-related toys.

- eat a stunningly delicious broccoli, goat-cheese, tomato, avocado, and homemade pinto bean burrito. 

- finish emptying the car.

- brush two of the three mouths of teeth I needed to brush.

- fall asleep, exhausted, with my adorable small people. (They are so cute when they are asleep.)

Just reading all that makes me tired. May your days be much, much more peaceful than mine.

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  1. Wow! I live with small people, too, and my days occasionally go like that. But usually, I remind myself that the house cleaning can wait until, say, they are both in college. And don't you JUST LOVE when someone offers to feed your people?!?!?


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