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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shakespeare and Eczema Collide Head-On (Part II)

Another trip to Walgreen's for the cream
And application as the doctor said
Then off to have my weekend as designed
To have some peace: my unrelinquished dream.

Sunday and Monday come, and then, they go.
Then Tuesday and we all go back to work
But after school, Boy Two is doing worse.
His skin is his irreverent, constant foe.

His dad agrees to take him the next day
To see the doctor yet another time
If I can call and make an appointment
And I promise to call without delay.

At work, 6th period was soon to start
When my cell phone began to ring and ring.
I answer, and my husband's voice I hear
I interrupt his greeting: "I forgot."

So, here I think a side-note is in store,
Where I lament the trials of my fate:
To love, to tend, to work, to earn, to be,
The challenges I hope I’m cut out for.

Each time I try to call someone at school,
I always get distracted by my job,
I love my work, and phone calls slip my mind
I am embarrassed, feeling like a fool.

It is the constant challenge of my day
To balance all the roles I have to play
I'm mommy, wife, and teacher, and I say,
It’s difficult for all to go my way.

"I'll call at lunch. I promise," I reply,
"Then let you know the time you need to be
At daycare so that you can get the boy.
A time that works for you to get I’ll try.”

At lunch, I called the doctor, asked for when
My husband could arrive, present the boy
For inspection as to the unknown cause
Of red and clearly aggravated, skin.

"The doctor has a lot of kids today.
I do not think we can find you a spot
Unless you go to Long Beach after school
Because the office there may find a way."

My husband? Drive to Long Beach? That's a joke.
I think I'd rather walk there by myself.
"Perhaps you have a time tomorrow morn?"
"I'm sorry, ma'am." There’s just too many folk.

Lunch half-way through, and still I need to eat
And find a time to take the boy for care
It seems this battle simply can't be won
And I should lay down, humble in defeat.

But, no, as mother, failure is a crime
And so to urgent care it seems we must
Return for yet again his needs come first
As they may do from now till end of time.

The bell for end of school it rings alive.
I venture out, collect my oldest boy,
And organize while he plays iPad games.
We get picked up right at 4:45.

Collected by my man, we go to tear
The baby from his nearby baby jail
And then we drive 2 miles to the site
Of Owl Pediatric Urgent Care.

(To Be Continued...)

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