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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boy 1 Needs to Read #1

I want Boy 1 to read so badly that it hurts. He knows a few words, but I feel that I have no justification to believe he is a mini-genius until he can read me a story. He already narrates adorable fictional prose, but due to some unknown reason, I don't feel like it counts until he writes the stories himself.

As part of this epic journey, I have decided to allow him a Lego prize for every perfect square of words he learns. So far, he has 9, which is 3 squared in case it has been more than ten years since you took 6th grade math, and we ordered some Ninjago Legos from Amazon to celebrate. Now, every time I pick up my phone, he asks if he can look up the delivery status of his Legos. On the one hand I should be pleased that he knows so much vocabulary surrounding orders on Amazon. But, on the other hand, I should be worried that he knows so much of the vocabulary involved in ordering items from Amazon.

It seems like with parenting, there is absolutely no winning, or at least, there is no winning absolutely.

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