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Sunday, May 17, 2015

In My Distant Youth #1

Blog Post 1

In My Distant Youth

In my distant youth, one of my very favorite bands was the southern California-based group Something Corporate. I was drawn to them first by a young man, an artist whom I loved and treasured like a precious flame; one I needed to keep warm yet could neither hold nor contain. One day, when I was pulled in more directions than I could count, in my first apartment away from home, he sat me down and said I had to listen to this song. He had it burned on a CD for me, and he loaded it on the old stereo system I had bought with money I collected in high school, and here it is, as I learned to love it, live at the Ventura Theater, sometime around 2002:

When I used to listen to this song, I would ache: ache for love I wanted more than I could bear, ache for a home where I would have enough room to live; ache to have a dream that I could believe in and call my own. I wanted love, a home, and a dream. Little did I know, that a decade later, Andrew McMahon would come back as a present from my forever-love to remind me how much I had grown, and that my dreams for a love, a home, and a dream had come true.

Thank you for that, Andrew. I missed you. God, I missed you.

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